本會簡介CNHK in Brief


CNHK has organizing a wide range of cultural programs for breaking cultural barriers, strengthening the ability of cultural communication and confidence of youth, and help to build a sustainable, integrated society ultimately. The Association organizes cultural exchange tours to different cities in China, Asia and the Globe for widening Youth horizons and think outside the boxes from cultural exploration, experiences. Besides, the Association delivers opportunities of inbound and outbound internship for students regularly to get an insight of the workforce in different markets and industries, to gain work experience, to expand network. Thirdly, the Association is also running programs for youth to learn, to communicate, to be inspired from and to express ideas in front of entrepreneurs and potential investors. Last but not least, the Association offers activities and services to youth and professions for skill training, self-development and community engagement include educational seminars, forums, charity events, workshops.  

發展範疇 Directions:

文化創意 Cultural Creativity

We respect different cultures and willing to help youth to build a positive cultural awareness and confidence with historical socio-cultural perspectives and the sense of mission given by “past-present-future”.

專業發展 Professional Development

We regularly work with different organizations, including the Hong Kong SAR Government, NGOs, business sectors and professions, to promote youth and profession development and cultural communication among different communities within the World.  

媒體傳播 Media Communication


We believe in the power of media and the freedom of speak. Therefore, we promote innovative projects that integrated online and offline services and connections to build a barrier-free spaces for everyone. 

數據絲路 Data Silk Road


We collect data from our projects and build a data base for researches and opportunities delivery for youth and professions to be advantaged.

社會資本Social Capital


Through different cultural projects, we help to build an inclusive network, have a close relationship with communities and build a positive social capital for various communities and the society as the whole.  

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